Work Plan Increases Spending

DUNCANVILLE, TX – An examination of the Organizational Work Plan, found on the Duncanville city website, shows a $3,500,000 increase in spending from previous levels. There are 25 pages of additional spending and tax dollar wasting measures that the charter violating, non-resident, Interim City Manager Corporation Lynda Humble and her political comrades on the City Council devised in the absence of any cost cutting proposals or fiscal responsibility. There are so many Items indicated in this “Work Plan” that only a few of the most ridiculous ones will be addressed here.
The main funding source for the “Work Plan” is the General Fund, the majority of which consists of your annual property tax dollars. Instead of reducing your property taxes or proposing more efficient utilization of your tax dollars, council members Rutherford, Smith, Green, Boyd, Harvey, and Dotson went along with every budget busting item, with the exception of the one concerning the elimination of the train noise for those that live or work close to the tracks.
Item 1.1a takes general fund money to again reward city employees for doing their jobs. Item 1.1b extends this funded program through the end of 2016. The exact wording is:
“Develop a customer service program that recognizes employees for going above-and-beyond the organization’s and the customer’s expectation of customer service”. This is being financed with your property tax dollars.
Item 1.5 reads as follows: “Implement public relations program to educate citizens about water, waste water, and sanitation increases”. This objective is being funded by the water and sanitation funds. Mayor Green just provided an insert in citizen’s water bills educating tax payers why we needed a rate increase. This ‘public relations’ program is another reason for the increase. If a Utility Bond is required to keep this fund afloat, the citizens will not be included in the vote. The City Manager and City Council will make the decision on a Utility Bond and how the money is being spent.

Item 1.6 is another General Fund financed objective as follows: “Develop a plan to implement Everbridge, a mass-notification system, and create an organizational commitment to better communicate time-sensitive issues with our customers”. The taxpayers are the city’s customers. Why is so much money being spent to notify the citizen’s that they are going to spend even more money? There are many other more tax efficient ways to notify citizens than this expensive proposal.

These are only 3 of the 110 budget increasing items or objectives that your City Council of Steven Rutherford, Cliff Boyd, David Green, Patrick Harvey, Stan Smith, and Ron Dotson approved in lock step with the charter violating, non-resident, Interim City Manager Corporation, Lynda Humble.

This council and city manager are spending as fast as the check can be written in order to force a bond election before the next budget session. Citizens can stop this madness by voting to restore fiscal responsibility. Election Day is May 9th.
The most expensive items in the other 107 objectives of this City Council and Interim City Manager will be addressed in the next edition of the Suburban Newspaper.