Why Vote in City Elections?

There is a question that I have asked myself for a long time? Do people not vote because they think nothing will change, or does nothing change because people don’t bother to vote?
Early voting has begun across Southwest Dallas County and when I ask people if they are going to vote in their local city elections, they respond why should I?

Here is the reason I believe why… This year one of the biggest Presidential campaign issues is tax cuts and government spending but many of the things that really impacts our day-to-day lives schools, transit, water supply, waste and sewage disposal, fire and police is mostly provided by our local government and that is what really counts! Citizens in our local community should realize that our city officials (city council and school board) have the power to shape the federal tax dollars that ultimately come back to you!

If you think about it local and county government is more likely to impact the quality of life such as what your neighborhood looks like, the reputation of our local schools. Will those things impact your personal finances? That depends. It might not give you a bigger tax refund, but social programs and improvements to neighborhoods and roads could increase your property value or decrease crime!

And finally if you really think about it, how many city council members or school board trustees are going to do all that genuinely hard and unpleasant work when the best available evidence — voter turnout — suggests that so few people really care?

In our local elections, you may need to vote for a new representative or like me, voting against someone!