“Why has Halloween Become Scary?”

In the 1960’s, in a small town in West Virginia where I grew up, Halloween was eagerly anticipated by children of all ages. In those days Halloween always took place after we had set our clocks back, which meant that it was good and dark by the time trick or treating began.
Every home had jack-o-lanterns on their porch, and each home had a light on. That was our signal that we could go to that home and fill our buckets or pillow cases with candy, popcorn balls and even candy apples.
It never occurred to me that it was “the devil’s night”, all I knew was it was a time for my friends and me to get to see our neighbors, have fun, and get a lot of candy. Then in the 1980’s when my children started trick or treating the tide changed. Little pamphlets started showing up in the stash about it being “devil’s night”. Fewer and fewer households participated.
Now in 2015 it is even harder for the children of Duncanville to enjoy what use to be a fun time for us when we were children. Homes are dark, street after street….why?
In post 9-11 America we seem to be shutting ourselves out of a tradition because of fear or because of the popular excuse that it is “the devil’s night”, instead of allowing our children the same opportunity that we had as children to express ourselves.
The damage has already begun for this generation. But we can change that….instead of thinking it is “the devil’s night”, let’s think…
1. It is a time for me to meet the neighborhood children and to let them know that I care about them.
2. I want this generation to have the same happy experiences that I had as a child.

So this year once again I will turn on my light and welcome the children of Duncanville. I will get to see princesses, football players, and maybe I will be able to enjoy the child who plays her violin for candy. I ask each of you to think about your experience as a child during Halloween and turn on your lights, set out a jack-o-lantern and enjoy your time with the neighborhood children… you have no idea what you are missing!!!!!

Remember it is all about attitude!!!!!!!!