Where is Waldo?

I am really not looking for Waldo, but I believe that if Waldo was in attendance at a local Duncanville school they would not be able to find him! They certainly can’t seem to find my granddaughter. I did give them a hint today; I let them know that my granddaughter was in school… I am waiting for a response to see if they can find her!!!
After the editorial in March 3rd edition of The Suburban, you would think that Duncanville would try to take better attendance… but NO!!!!! Last evening we received another automated phone call from Duncanville ISD stating that my granddaughter was absent… guess what … she was there! This is getting to the point that it is ridiculous. How can a school not know that a student is on their campus?
One point that I made again today in an email to Duncanville ISD officials is “if the district cannot figure out who is in attendance, how can they know if someone is there who is NOT supposed to be on campus?” This is a very real, potentially dangerous security issue. We all entrust our children’s safety to Duncanville ISD, and I am getting to the point that I am scared.
Also, if you think this is an isolated incident, think again. Several parents, grandparents, and students have reached out to The Suburban because they are having the same issue.
I challenge Duncanville ISD to seriously examine the methodology they use to take attendance, and fix it quickly. The ability to accurately take attendance is an essential part of the safety and security of all school campuses. Will they accept the challenge? From the response I’ve gotten, I doubt it, but as long as this continues, I will continue to write editorials.