Where Are They?

The City of Duncanville had its first homicide this year. The victim was a fifteen year old student who attended Byrd Middle School. As I was talking to other community members of Duncanville, the same subject kept coming up. Most citizens of Duncanville are concerned about the ongoing reports of burglaries and vehicle break-ins and now a homicide. The frustration among citizens is aggravated by their knowledge of the tax revenue they are producing for the city. They feel that should command better police services than they’re getting.
The citizens of Duncanville should demand better police services, but I feel there is an additional problem added to the mix … No permanent City Manager. Almost a year ago the city council hired Interim City Manager Lynda Humble; she is paid $120 per hour which includes time traveled to and from Rowlett where she resides. This is thousands of dollars more than we paid our last city manager, including his benefits. So, we should have the cream of the crop in city managers, right? Ms. Humble is on a four-day work week and sets her own hours as city manager. I do not feel the betterment of the community is a priority of hers.
I am continually amazed by the way Duncanville citizens are willing to give over their dollars to support this kind of city management. Most of us have had to work “full” time jobs to be able to support our household and pay the taxes, so it is baffling why we are enabling this city manager.
Where is our city council when our homes and cars are being robbed and vandalized? Where are they when we have a child murdered? They are having hearings, running up exorbitant attorney fees that will never be recovered, taking trips and letting our community wander with no management.
One of the jobs of the city council, according to our city charter, is to hire the city manager. Let us get with it. In the meanwhile, ask your overpaid part-timer to see what she can do to pretend to care about Duncanville and the crime rate.
We believe those who are hired to protect and serve will do so with some encouragement from the top.