When Will Patrick Harvey Resign?


by Becky Hall

DUNCANVILLE, TX – In the May 1st edition a story was written concerning the rumors floating around town about the upcoming election. During the council reports at the city council meeting held on May 6, 2104, Patrick Harvey accused the paper of lying. Since I was the writer, that means he is stating that I lied.

During his remarks he stated that if he has made the statement or insinuated that Deborah Hodge had “sexually harassed” him he would resign. Below is a notarized ethics complaint filed by Patrick Harvey dated January 9, 2013 and notarized on January 13, 2013. On page two of the complaint he states “ Clearly, I felt intimdated….so like sexual harassment, the impact of the action upon those witnessing determines if an offense is committed” Clearly he stated “sexual harassment” and with the ……. It leaves the appearance that something is being left out.

Also in his ethics complaint he states “Council members….shall not belittle staff members, other Council members, or members of the public”. Calling me a liar, during a council meeting certainly belittle me! An ethics complaint will be filed shortly by me concerning this violation of Patrick Harvey.

Stand by your word Mr. Patrick Harvey and resign immediately!!!

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