When Will It Ever End?

humbleMUGDUNCANVILLE, TX – During the December 2, 2014 City Council Meeting the city council voted 6-0 to extend Interim City Manager Lynda Humble LLC’s contract. The city of Duncanville will continue to pay the corporation $120 from the corporation’s doorstep to Duncanville and back. Even though the citizens of Duncanville have called for the end of the corporation’s contract, the city council continues to employ the LLC. Our city attorney and the city council continue to violate the Duncanville city charter that states “the city manager of Duncanville shall reside in Duncanville”.
The council to date has voted to spend more than $3,000,000.00 that was not voted in the 2014-2015 budget. The council called a public meeting on December 8. 2014. The subject was to have a presentation about an increase in the water, wastewater, and garbage rates for the users. Effective January 1, 2015 the rates will increase.
They have cited the following reasons for the increase:
“The City of Duncanville treats its wastewater through the Trinity River Authority and buys water from Dallas Water Utilities. Both services are increasing their costs, and the City has no choice but to pass these costs down to its customers.”
“Costs to provide water and wastewater services exceed the revenues derived from water and sewer charges….. However, the Utility Fund is losing money. Currently, the City has a 60 day fund balance requirement. The fund currently has a 41 day fund balance, which leaves a deficit of 19 days.”
“Aging infrastructure is in need of critical repairs. Twenty percent of Duncanville’s water and sewer system is at least 50 years old. ………The Utility Fund is operating at a deficit. It is no longer an option to continue to defer maintenance, hoping it does not get any worse. Funding for systematic replacement is needed in order to maintain the quality of this service.”
The City of Duncanville, to hold its last public meeting on November 22, spent at least $146,272 for outside legal services and at least $33,000 for an investigation. These amounts do not include what was spent on the day of the show. It has been suggested the city spent over $100,000 for that production. All of this spending comes out of the general fund. If Duncanville had not been spending all of the recent monies perhaps Duncanville would have funds to put into the utility fund.
When will it ever end? If you would have questions concerning your city government and any actions the council is taking, you may contact you city council member below:

Mayor David Green

Mayor Pro Tem Stan Smith, District 3,

District 1, Cliff Boyd

District 2, Steven Rutherford

District 4, Ron Dotson, M.D.

District 5, No Representation

At Large, Patrick Harvey