Wal-Mart DeSoto Distribution Center Encourages Safe Driving as Schools Start

drivesafeDESOTO, TX — Wal-Mart Distribution Center in DeSoto has a keen eye on safety! Earlier this year, they collaborated with the DeSoto Police Department to raise awareness of the perils of distracted driving.
With the beginning of the school year approaching, Wal-Mart wanted to help bring awareness to safe driving and school buses being on the road. Since mid-August, a DeSoto school bus has been displayed outside the Wal-Mart Distribution Center on Centre Park along with a banner reminding drivers that school was starting soon (and has since started!) and asking them to drive safely. Wal-Mart also gave the district two banners to further display around the community. One hangs outside the administration building; the other will be displayed on a campus.
This partnership also included a gift of school supplies donated by distribution center employees which were presented to Northside Elementary on August 24. DeSoto ISD appreciates the support of community partners like the Wal-Mart DeSoto Distribution Center led by General Manager Danny Sullivan.