Union Pacific to Replace Tracks

GRAND PRAIRIE, TX – Union Pacific will be replacing railroad tracks from Fort Worth to Dallas beginning in early January. Construction on the Grand Prairie portion of the railroad is expected to begin Jan. 22. The entire process for replacing all railroad track in Grand Prairie is estimated to take six days.
The Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way is bounded by Main Street on the north and by Jefferson Street on the south, and runs the entire length of those two roads in Grand Prairie. Within the City Limits, there are eight (8) crossings along the route.
During the track replacement process, approximately 6-8 miles of track will be closed at one time. A Union Pacific Track Renewal Train will pick up existing rail, ties and materials and lay down new track, concrete ties and improve rail crossings.
Railroad crossings will have to be closed for the construction. The first set of rail crossings closures will be:
* NW 23rd crossing closed Jan. 22-Feb. 4
* NW 19th crossing closed Jan. 22-Feb. 4
* Great Southwest Parkway crossing closed Jan. 22.-Feb. 4
Once those crossings have been re-opened, the NW 2nd, Center Street, Belt Line, NE 14th St. and Bagdad Road crossings will be closed.
Union Pacific’s Track Renewal Train, known as the TRT 909 is a one-of-a-kind tie and rail-laying machine that removes existing wood ties and rail and installs new concrete ties while simultaneously cleaning and replacing the ballast located below the track. The TRT 909 machine allows Union Pacific to perform maintenance to its infrastructure more efficiently and quickly by replacing an entire rail corridor during one continuous project. When the TRT 909 leaves an area, it leaves behind a completely new rail structure that includes quieter continuously welded rail, smooth roadway crossing surfaces, and a clean rail right-of-way free of debris and rail materials.
There are nearly 250 Union Pacific employees and contractors who travel with and operate the TRT 909.
The former technology used in track renewal projects installed an average of 2,400 concrete ties per day while the TRT 909 can install 5,000 ties over a twelve-hour period.
During the track renewal project, Union Pacific removes, repairs, and replaces all public road crossings within the project area. Once the project is complete, the entire corridor will have brand new and smooth crossing surfaces.
When the project is finished, the entire rail corridor will be completely renewed with rail, ties, and clean ballast. Broken crossing panels will be replaced and roadway approaches will be smoothed out. The right-of-way surrounding the tracks will also be clean of debris or other materials that may have accumulated over time.