Twelve DHS Students Earned Associate’s Degree Before HS Diploma!

diplomaDESOTO, TX — DeSoto High School graduated the first cohort of the Collegiate Magnet Program students that earned both an Associate’s Degree (60 college hours) from Cedar Valley Community College and their high school diploma! The group, affectionately called the Big 12, completed all 60 collegiate hours and earned their associate’s degrees on May 12 at the Cedar Valley graduation program, a full three weeks before they received their high school diploma from DeSoto HS on June 2

The Big 12 are, from left to right:
1. David Ross
2. CJ Turner (DHS Salutatorian)
3. Jewell Cooksey
4. Randall Moss
5. Azia Tisdale
6. Charles Uzuegbunam
7. Antonette Wilson
8. Taylor Green
9. Jalisa Abram
10. Khari Thomas
11. Brandy Lewis
12. Mia Shaw