At this time of year we think a lot about Trust. We want to trust the turkey is done, the potatoes are mashed just right, the dressing is not too salty, and we have a great and peaceful day with our family and friends. Happy Holidays.
We want to trust our city government. We want to trust that every action they take is for the benefit of us, the taxpayers and citizens. In our opinion the Duncanville council has abused this trust. They have frequently violated our city charter and state law as a matter of practice. They hired an interim city manager. They do not have this authority. The interim city manager they hired does not live in Duncanville. The city manager must live in Duncanville according to our charter. They blatantly violated this provision. Three members of the council are on the Duncanville Community and Economic Development (4B) board. Where are the citizen members as required by state law? It is disingenuous for the 4B board, consisting of council members to bring forward a project with no input from any other parties, and vote as council members for the projects they bring forward.
Trust. In the last thirty (30) days, the council has voted to spend more than $3,200,000.00 for projects where there is no written proposal we can view and no public input was sought. The projects nor the money are in any budget adopted September 30. No trust.
When the civic organizations asked for funds in the $20,000.00 range from the hotel/motel tax, last summer, they were expected to make an in-depth presentation to the council, show their financial records, the number of jobs they had created, the number of people they brought to Duncanville, etc., etc. Neither of the recipients of the $3,200,000.00 even appeared before the council, and did not make any public presentation. The civic organizations receive hotel/motel tax dollars. The business recipients receive, among other monies, money from the general fund. This is money the city collects from us on annual property taxes.
Trust. The current city council does not trust the public enough to put together an agenda so it can be read by any citizen and they would know what is on the agenda. For example:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014 Executive Session: “3ES. City Council shall convene into closed executive session pursuant to Section 551.087 of the Texas Government Code to discuss and deliberate regarding commercial or financial information from a business prospect; and, to deliberate an offer of a financial or incentive to a business prospect.”

Tuesday, November 18, 2014 Executive Session: “3ES. City council shall convene into closed executive session pursuant to Sections 551.072 of the Texas Government code to discuss and deliberate matters concerning the purchase, exchange, acquisition or value of real property generally located in the Southwest quadrant of the City.”

Why do we have “coded” agendas? Why don’t they trust their citizens with information? No trust. In early 2015 some of these same men, participating in these practices, will come ask you to vote your trust in them once again. We believe you need to think long and hard. Can you trust them?

Have a Great Thanksgiving.