To the Citizens of Duncanville

During the campaign against the Wintergreen Road Project, my family and I learned first-hand how dirty politics in Duncanville can be. There were numerous incidences of vandalism on our homestead, as well as numerous lies that were propagated against us.
Currently, Mayor Deborah Hodge and Councilwoman Johnette Jameson are being sued and investigated by their own city council. This is a political maneuver which coincides with the time of Mayor Hodge’s campaign for reelection. It is also a time when the discussions for the placement of the I-20 service roads has resurfaced. In the past, Councilwoman Jameson successfully stood with her constituents in District 5, who overwhelmingly opposed the placement of I- 20 service roads. To this date, they have not been built. The majority of the Duncanville City Council, including Mark Cooks (District 4), Cliff Boyd (District 1), Stan Smith (District 3), and Patrick Harvey, (At-Large), has made numerous attempts to bully the women on the council. This bully-mentality permeates the politics in Duncanville in general. This current maneuver by the majority of four men, in cohorts with a hand-picked city manager and city attorney are wasting $25,000 of the taxpayer money. This is purely a political move at an attempt to remove the two women from the council, so the majority of four can further their personal agendas without obstruction.
Please see through the posturing and maneuvering of these four council members and remember the consistent stand for integrity and honesty that these two women have shown over their years of service to the citizens of Duncanville. They are now being punished for having the values the rest of us want our elected officials to maintain.
As citizens of Duncanville, please take a careful look at the behavior of these four men and see that this “investigation” is a political scheme: Another waste of taxpayer dollars. This is completely irresponsible.
Please send a clear message to this majority of four by calling for a resignation of their hand-picked cohorts: A city manager that was illegally hired (according to the city charter, the city manager must live in Duncanville; Ms. Humble lives in Rowlett.) and a city attorney who is currently clouded by his own legal battles from his actions with the city of Seagoville. A clearer message still will occur when Mayor Hodge is reelected, showing these men that honesty and integrity are values that are still held important and necessary to the citizens of Duncanville. The clear message will be sent when these four men are never reelected, making a huge stride in changing our city’s reputation for dirty politics once and for all.
I believe that the vast majority of you will come to the same conclusion if you take an honest look at the actions of these four men. Our city’s integrity and reputation need serious improvements. You can help now.
Please elect me as your District 4 Councilman.
Reelect Mayor Hodge.
Reelect Dr. Stephen Jones, District 2.
Support Councilwoman Jameson.

Thank you.
– Ronald Dotson, MD