Time to Get Involved…

In this day and time, we are all being called to action. No matter which side you are on during this divided time, we should all be involved. It is so important that we not take our government for granted. I call for each citizen in our area to seriously consider getting involved.
This is not the first time our country has been deeply divided on important issues. During the Revolutionary War, the country was divided on the issue of independence. During the Civil War, we were divided on the issue of slavery, and during World War Two the country was divided on whether to get involved with a ‘European war.’ Each time, voices on both sides rose to the occasion and made their case for their views. If you don’t get involved, then the choices will be made for you.
When I was in high school taking a government class, a quote was discussed that I have never forgotten. At the time Benjamin Franklin came out of the Constitutional Convention he was asked by someone “What kind of government have you created for us?” His reply was “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Since the convention it has been the responsibility of each citizen to keep the republic by being active in our local, state and federal government. Of course we cannot all run for a public office, nor do we all have the desire to be a public servant but there are other ways to be involved.

* Figure out your position on the issues and support your local legislators who most closely represent your views.

* Participate in town halls, rallies, and public forums such as meet the candidates.

* Contribute to the local, county or state elections. You can do this by donating to a campaign or volunteering for a candidate of your choice.

And finally, SUPPORT and VOTE for the values most important to you.