“Three Thoughts…”

Things are happening in Duncanville. Are we on to something good?

One of the priorities of the Duncanville Design Studio is to create public art. Recently, the art committee decided to try out a temporary outdoor art gallery on the side of the Feed Store. Star Wars themed art pieces were designed to enhance the street for the city’s successful Christmas Parade. Do you miss them? No worries, you will see a fresh and shiny spring themed batch of plywood art in no time.

While exploring Main Street, I discovered that a really cool business just changed owners. It’s called The Strip Joint. Becky and Johnny Hernandez recently bought the business and are doing some amazing work. In fact, one of their projects is an old upright piano that is being repurposed as a desk. This is exactly the type of shops we need on Main Street.

Small towns all across the United States are finding ways to revitalize their business districts and neighborhoods. One of the best ways to attract cool businesses and people is to create public art and use this as the driving force of redevelopment. I’d like to hear from you. Send me an email on any idea that you think will make our city more attractive.

Daniel Flores