Three Businesses: Creating Influence

By Daniel Flores

For those that know me, I’m all about my city. The champions that I work and hang with consider Duncanville the land of opportunity, especially for hard working creatives. In this economy, you have to be the best at what you do in your market. Here are three businesses that have influenced us:

Aliento Music Group moved to Duncanville in 2014 and hit the ground running. They were recently nominated for a Grammy with their Latin music. Aliento produces music and video for multiple uses and world markets. Google them to see their digital work.

Rusty Bucketz Garage is over on South Cedar Ridge in the Duncanville Industrial District. They build the cleanest, freshest frame off automobile restorations in Southern Dallas. Go check their work out in person. You’ll be amazed at how the install new technology in old vehicles.

One of the largest businesses in Duncanville is Quality Cabinets. It started with a local named Charlie Ladd that grew the business with hard work starting in the 1970s. When you need motivation to produce in your job or business, just remember that Quality Cabinets is churning out massive amounts of cabinets for the construction market.

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