The Rubber Band Effect

City Elections will be held on May 9, 2015 for Duncanville City Council. During a recent discussion with some Duncanville citizens it came to my mind about the rubber band effect. If you’ve ever stretched a rubber band too far and had it snap back, you know how painful that can be. This city council is recklessly stretching the rubber band, and it is only a matter of time before it snaps back on the citizens of Duncanville.

This year the city council has stretched and stretched their authority over how our city tax dollars are spent. The city council wasted over $215, 108.71 tax dollars for a kangaroo court proceeding… (stretch), raised our city water rates… (stretch), and increased spending by $3,500,000… (stretch). They recently informed City of Duncanville retirees that the city would no longer supplement their health insurance premiums… (stretch), but we can have a bike demonstration project located on Hill City Drive from Lakeside Park to Red Bird Park both northbound and southbound for an estimated cost of installation of $18,000… (stretch).

Our city council is stretching the rubber band, and if we allow them to stretch it too far, it is we Duncanville citizens who will suffer when the snap back comes. I wonder how much more abuse the citizens of Duncanville take before they make the changes needed?

It is never too late to release the pressure, but if we wait too long, the result will be painful. We need each citizen of Duncanville to go out and vote on May 9, 2015.