The New City Manager

Duncanville’s New City Manager Kevin Hugman started on March 2nd. Mr. Hugman had been the Wichita Falls assistant city manager since 2010 and before that was the assistant city manager of Southlake, TX. Hugman also served in the U.S. Navy for 26 years.
In a recent interview Hugman said, “Duncanville interested me because of some of the things that they have been through. They’ve had some recent issues there, some political issues. They’ve gotten past that. They’re very focused. They’ve very much wanting to move forward. They have a very aggressive vision and strategy for the next few years.”
It is interesting that Mr. Hugman feels that the city of Duncanville has gotten past some political issues. The City of Duncanville stills seems divided and this May election will determine once again how the lines are drawn. I wonder how he will feel if the council that hired him is completely turned over.
Mr. Hugman returned my phone call today, and I was able to ask him a few questions, below are his responses.

1. Are you going to listen to all sides? Hear the voice of the people as well as the council?
“Yes, when there is an issue. I try to listen to both sides of the issue. It is imperative that I provide to the council the pros and cons and provide a sound recommendation”
2. Are you or have you moved to Duncanville?
“I am not presently living in Duncanville, the council gave me 6 months to permanently live here, but I do presently have a contract for a home.’
3. Are you truly aware of the Duncanville issues?
“Not 100% aware of all issues since I have only been here a few weeks.”
4. First things you would like to accomplish in the City of Duncanville?
“Establishing relations with the council, staff and community members is the first priority, but I would like to improve our processes and services as well.”

Through the phone call today, Mr. Hugman did sound like he is willing to listen to both sides of an issue. I do feel, however, that he is not fully aware of the issues that Duncanville has bubbling in the political stew pot. Until he has been here for a while he will not see the big political divide.
I wish him the best of luck, he will need it.