“The Financial Reports”

The Suburban Newspaper requested financial reports for all the candidates running for election for the City of Duncanville.
After a cursory review the reports seemed uninteresting, but then I noticed an important difference in two of them, especially where the contributions were coming from and where they were being spent.
Mayor David Green received 31 contributions, all from citizens of Duncanville. His opponent, Mark Cooks, received 13 contributions, one from himself and six from outside of Duncanville. This means that only 6 were from the citizens of Duncanville. The most interesting facts, however, was the difference in where the campaign funds were being spent.
Mark Cooks is the President of the Duncanville Economic Development Corporation and out of his 23 expenditures only four were made in the City of Duncanville, The Suburban Newspaper is thankful that we were one of the four. I would think that the President of the Duncanville Economic Development Corporation would have a greater sense of loyalty to Duncanville and utilize more local businesses in the running of his campaign.
David Green on the other hand had 13 expenditures only three were outside of the city limits of Duncanville. I was happy to see that our Mayor supports local businesses.
A few months ago I did an editorial on supporting local business which was well received in the Duncanville business community. Supporting local businesses helps both the business and the community as a whole.
I feel that even during the campaign season citizens and candidates should take this to heart!