Seagoville Mayor Retracts Statements

DUNCANVILLE, TX – On Tuesday March 25, 2014 The Suburban Newspaper received a press release from the City of Seagoville.
In the press release, the Mayor Harold Magill was quoted as saying, “. . . earlier I expressed to you in no way did I give an interview or authorize an interview with the Duncanville Suburban Paper. The mayor of Duncanville a Mrs. Hodge called me and was telling me about their issues.”
Our version is simply this.  Mayor Magill called the newspaper office at least two times.  Each time, the phone was answered with someone saying “Suburban Newspaper”.   When quoted, Mayor Magill was asked to repeat himself so that we could gather the information and properly quote him.
So if Mayor Magill is changing his story, it is either because he is confused or feeling pressured.  Either way, we apologize to our readers if Mayor Magill is a poor source.
In regards to which Mayor reached out to which Mayor, Mayor Magill asked The Suburban Newspaper if we had the phone number for Mayor Deborah Hodge, and the Suburban Newspaper supplied Mayor Hodge with Mayor Magill’s contact information. Whether they spoke or not is irrelevant.
We do, however, feel compelled to clarify something that is factually inaccurate in the competing press release.  Somehow, Mayor Magill and the author of that press release confuse the role of our Mayor Deborah Hodge in the creation of the article.  Mayor Hodge in no way penned or authored any article for this newspaper, and to say so is ridiculous and a lie.
Mayor Magill has demanded a retraction and an apology for Bob Hager, the City Attorney.  We offer no such retraction.  We are sorry Mayor Magill regrets his very public comments, but we stand behind the article.
In the interest of equity, we add this snippet from their press release: “On or about March 14, 2014, the City Council members provided written notice to Mayor Magill to cease and desist making public comments to the media and/or individuals without specifically stating the statement or opinions expressed are his personal comments rather than as Mayor.  Further, the City Council specifically informed Mayor Magill in writing that the Council does not consent nor authorize him [Mayor Magill] to speak for them individually, nor as a council on behalf of the City of Seagoville. “
The only apology we offer to you our readers is that we properly quoted a confused man.