Santa is Coming to Town to Support a Worthy Cause

santaDUNCANVILLE, TX – For many of us the holidays mean family, but what if you didn’t have a family and were in the foster care system.  This isn’t just sad but a reality for a number of Texas children in the foster care.  In fact, Texas has come under much scrutiny recently for its overwhelmed child protective system; foster care is no different and are at crisis levels too, with more children then available placements.
While the Texas commissioner for the Department of Family and Protective Services wrote a letter to senators for more funding to overhaul CPS, Taye Reed a foster parent has moved to action.   After viewing a news segment on CNN about foster care and how difficult it was for children to find a safe and nurturing environment she was motivated to continue to serve to the community.
“I was able to provide a safe and nurturing environment to my kids and I knew I could do the same for children in foster care,” said Reed.
After purchasing  a home that could hold up to 6 children,  Ms. Reed quickly found when you take on foster children you take on a lot of upfront cost following the placement.  So again, she acted and formed a non-profit organization; STARR Resiliency Agency that provides resources for foster parents and families.  “There are so many people who have the heart and the home to be foster parents, but don’t have the resources,” Reed said.  Consider if you were to get a child overnight you may be responsible for purchasing anything from a bed to school supplies she explained.
STARR Resiliency Agency has big goals,  to become a one-stop shop, where foster families can have resources at their fingertips including but not limited to school supplies, food and furniture.
The event will be held on Saturday, December 10th from 8:30am to 11:30am at the D.L. Hopkins Senior Center, 206 James Collins Blvd in Duncanville, Texas.
There is limited space available and Pre-sale tickets are required to take a photo with Santa.
More details about this event can be found by visiting