Response to Monday Morning Politics…

After the election this weekend a candidate in the Duncanville election posted on their Facebook page a few of their thoughts. Let this be a reminder to everyone, once posted it is there forever. Words that you have written will be remembered and can never be erased!!!
First, I want to say to everyone who took the time out of their lives to run a campaign for local city politics should receive a round of applause. Second, it is hard to lose a campaign but you never call voters “mindless”!!!
Now saying that… I would like to make a few comments about the Facebook post. I would like to state that not everyone can sit at the polls every day during early voting. More power to those who are able to do so. I really do not think that a statement of “He rode in on his white horse and greenbacks, on the coattail of the incumbent mayor, with the mindless support of 1 district whose majority opts to blindly follow the “establishment leadership” is a fair statement. Just because a voter decided not to support your campaign does not mean that they are “mindless”! Each voter has a reason why they vote the way they do…..maybe voters in your district did not like your association with a fellow running mate. Maybe they voted for your opponent because he has been their doctor for years, it really does not matter their reasons, they had a reason.
Second….I checked out what you stated about attendance…”Who else would vote for a candidate who, by the records of the city, posted on the city website, recorded by the city secretary and signed off by the mayor is late or absent for 30 out of 70 regular and special meetings of the council…..” I searched and searched on the city website, I am assuming you searched the minutes that are provided on the website but I contacted the City Secretary and requested an open records request concerning Dr. Dotson’s attendance record. Dotson was late 26 times (usually not more than 5 minutes) and absent 5 times out of 76 meetings. Let me remind you, he never missed a vote. Other council members have been late and missed meetings… do you want the full report?
Finally, your statement “I took 45.04% of the vote because 45.04% of District 4’s residents were savvy enough to see the value in putting a person in that seat that has a proven leadership history, the fierceness of a lioness, the grace of a leader, a servant’s heart and the time to serve” I want to leave you with a thought…..When someone wins they really do not think about it much other than to congratulate themselves! A person usually takes the win and assumes that it is because of the great qualities they have. But, when a candidate loses it shows something about you and who you are…do you blame others, or do you own it? Do you take the time to analyze your failure or just complain about your opponent? If you’re willing to examine yourself, your internal self then losing can be valuable lesson learned. How you behave and what you say in this difficult moment can be more self-defining than your win could ever be. So remember your final thought…..”When people show you who they are-BELIEVE THEM!” I think the Duncanville voters will do the same!