Rate Hikes & Higher Taxes in Our Future?

DUNCANVILLE, TX – Duncanville City Council is currently developing the 2013-14 city budget. Being considered is a 3% raise in employees’ salaries, increase in garbage rates of .75 cents for street pick-up and $1.50 increase for alley pick-up, and a dramatic increase in water and sewer rates. There is a push back on an increase of employee’s salaries by some council members stating that the employees received a raise 2 years ago and the city picked up the cost of the increase in medical coverage that essentially equals a 3% raise.
Citing a 25% increase of water rates by Trinity River Authority, possibility of future rate increases and routine maintenance of the water towers by the city staff the Council is considering a 34% increase over the next 5 years in the customers’ rates. Councilmember Boyd and Harvey are scheduled to meet with the TRA August 16 to attempt to negotiate lower rates.
City Staff is suggesting sewer rates to increase 15% over the next 5 years.
This paper has been informed that Councilmember Harvey has called a Special Meeting Thursday, August 8 at 6pm to discuss the current tax rate.