Protest At Pelican House

IMG_17011_1465240610443by Scott Hansen

DUNCANVILLE, TX – Leatrice Russell and former staff member Amos were seen protesting in front of The Pelican House in Duncanville last Sunday over a wage dispute with the restaurant.
Former General Manager Russell alleges that Pelican House employees have had shortages on their paychecks, unjustified deductions and even missing checks going back as far as late November, and that their queries to owner Louis Rainey have gone unanswered.
Russell and 9 others quit working at the restaurant in mid-April, and “plan to protest in front of the establishment until they are paid what they are owed.”
The Pelican House is located at 107 South Cedar Ridge Drive, Duncanville, Texas 75611 and has been in Duncanville for about 3 years.