Our leadership?

humbleMUGGreen 2014DUNCANVILLE, TX – Recently the voters across the nation elected and re-elected our leaders. Depending on what part of the country you live in told what kind of leadership you chose on Election Day. The country pretty well said they were not interested in President Obama’s leadership style. Dallas County electorate chose the incumbents with the exception of the District attorney. This loss spoke to how much the voters did know what they do not want in a leader. It is time for some leadership in Duncanville, Texas.
Leadership as defined by many “greats” is the art of being able to inspire others to move in the same direction with you. A leader will have the confidence and trust of the community. A leader will be able to take their “team” and make them superstars and inspire them to reach for greatness.
There are no “superstars” among the Duncanville “team”. There are no inspirational moments for a community member to say, “Thank you, and job well done”.
An example of the lack of Duncanville leadership is that in less than a year, the city has lost approximately 83 of their 244 city employees. This is a huge turnover and speaks to the kind of leadership Duncanville is experiencing. Another example is there is no city manager, city secretary, city public works director, city economic development director, etc., etc., etc. Duncanville’ salaries are competitive; the facilities are more than adequate; the benefits are great. It is time to hire a city manager to support staff and residents.