Online Solicitation of a Minor Arrest

BlairArrestGRAND PRAIRIE, TX – On May 5, 2017, the Grand Prairie Police Department arrested Plano resident Weldon Josiah (Joe) Blair, 54, for Online Solicitation of a Minor – Sexual Conduct after arranging to meet a minor in Grand Prairie for sex.

We are seeking the public’s help in identifying additional underage/minor victims, and hope those victims come forward to speak with us. If you have any information please contact Detective Poor at (972)237-8898 or by email at

We encourage parents to speak with their children about online safety and always remember simple safety tips about the internet and computer usage:

* Do not allow your child to have a computer with Internet access in their bedroom or any area that is private. Move it into the family room or someplace where you can easily see the activity.

* Set time restraints. Do not allow your child to spend hour after hour online.

* Check history and consider installing tracking software as well as parental controls. If your child is “wiping” the history every time, then you should find out why.

* Spend time with your child online. This does so many things including giving you quality time with your child. Explore together!

* Teach your kids that when they come across any material that makes them feel uncomfortable, scared, or confused to immediately tell you or another trusted adult.

* Teach your kids to never open emails from people they do not know in person.

* Teach kids to never reveal any personal information and to immediately tell you or a trusted adult if someone ever makes them feel uncomfortable or starts communicating in a sexually explicit manner.

* On social networks like Facebook, make sure the privacy settings are on to limit contact to only those on your child’s “friends” list and those should be people the child actually knows in person.

* Make sure your child understands that anything that gets posted online will always be out there and can NEVER be completely deleted.

* All pictures should be cleared by the parent(s) before posting.

* Make sure your child understands that he or she should, under no circumstances, ever meet in person someone they met online without you being present.