Nola at 100!

DSCN3704by Cliff Comfort, her son

DUNCANVILLE, TX – In December, 2015, Nola Comfort turns 100. Of the 2,965,000 1915 births, only about 0.7% reach 100. Nola has outlived 1915 notables like Frank Sinatra, Ingrid Bergman, Alice Faye, Ann Sheridan, and Orson Wells.
Nola was the first of three daughters born to a Texas Panhandle farm family. Her sisters remember her as a hard worker. She moved to Dallas in 1941 finding work sewing military uniforms. While riding a Dallas streetcar, Nola met a tall handsome city boy. They married in 1942 and nine months later, their only son was born.
Being a farm girl, Nola added chickens and a garden to their little city home, which helped them in tough financial times. While shopping at Safeway, she was offered a checkers job, which she held for 20 years. She is still sharp with numbers and often wins at dominos.
Now a widow confined to a wheelchair by a fall and hip replacement, her indomitable spirit keeps her moving all day long, with a few naps along the way. Nola always has a smile and kind words for everyone she meets.
Nola’s secret to long life: be happy and work hard.