New Council Sworn in

Duncanville Sign

DUNCANVILLE, TX – At the Regular Council Meeting on May 21st, Duncanville’s City Secretary swore in new councilmembers, Patrick Harvey, Cliff Boyd and Stan Smith. Mayor Hodge recognized outgoing Councilmembers Janet Harris, Don Freeman, and Leslie Thomas.
Janet Harris, Don Freeman and Leslie Thomas were elected 2 years ago shifting the balance of power. During their term the city saw many changes.
This outgoing Council’s combed the City budget ridding it of wasteful, redundant, and hidden expenditures resulting in healthy increases in the fund balances. It, also, settled the 5 lawsuits that they inherited, obtained the first ever internal audit of a City function (cash handling), instituted a constitutional policy of the transfer of public assets to private entities, and created a business friendly city government that saw an increase in sales taxes for the last year while neighboring cities of DeSoto and Cedar Hill saw decreases.
Former Councilman Freeman pointed out that the Certificates of Occupancies for the last 2 years were 396. “I always voted what I felt was the best for the citizens of Duncanville and the city.”
Former Councilwoman Harris shared that she set aside her personal motivation for running. “Once I was in office I wanted to do everything I could that was best for the city. I hope that people would know that I made decisions with prayer and research. And I want businesses to know that I supported them because the survival of the city depends on successful businesses and their support of the city.”
Former Councilwoman Thomas is thankful for the opportunity to start the process of internal audits and to put in place policies that will safeguard the public’s assets.
“Looking at the Fund Balances, which are an accumulation of revenues minus expenditures, is a snap shot of how well our fiscal policy worked out. When we came into office the Utility Fund Balance was over 1 million dollars in the red. As of this March it has a surplus of over $700,000. The Solid Waste Fund had a deficit of about $82,000, but now has a surplus of over $382,000. And the General Fund was increased to over 6.3 million from 4.1 million.”
“I hope the current council will continue with internal audits and carefully watch spending and any transfers of city assets.”
Other business of the City Council included referring the Feeding in the Parks Program to the Parks Board for a Special Meeting . Concerns were raised that there is no City policy for the program. Stated issues to be resolved include safety of the children, peace of the neighborhoods, taxing city resources, protecting City property and the extent of the need.
Affected parks are Red Bird, Chris Paris, Pyburn, Lakeside. There are currently summer feeding programs in the Rec Center and some Duncanville schools and apartments.