M.E.T.R.O.: Christ’s Church to Host Blood Drive for a Safe Blood Supply

CEDAR HILL, TX – Your community blood center is working every day on behalf of medical facilities and their patients right here in Cedar Hill. Donating blood and saving three lives only takes about an hour and you can become part of the healing process for patients undergoing heart surgery, receiving organ transplants, enduring cancer treatment, and even the mom whose baby is born emergently. A quality blood supply begins with selfless volunteer donors who help give life to anonymous members of their community. Patients can require blood transfusions at a moment’s notice.
M.E.T.R.O.: Christ’s Church is hosting a blood drive from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday, April 9 at 450 E. Parkerville Road in the Carter BloodCare bus. For more information or to schedule an appointment time, contact C.F. Wimbish at (817) 223-3249.
Carter BloodCare urges eligible blood donors to consider giving two to three times a year. Whole blood can be donated every 56 days. Other types of blood donations can be given more frequently. Make an appointment at a Carter BloodCare donor center near you, or donate at a local community blood drive.
Remember to eat a nutritious meal and drink plenty of water at least an hour before giving blood. All donors must weigh at least 110 pounds, feel well on the day of donation, and present a government-issued photo ID each time they give blood.
Potential blood donors may volunteer beginning at age 16 with parental consent; 17-year-olds may give independently and there is no upper age limit for donating blood. For more information on donor eligibility and to make an appointment, call 1-800-366-2834 or visit carterbloodcare.org.