Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor,
It is election season and the citizens of Duncanville have an opportunity to change the ugly, meanness that we have endured since the last Council Member At-Large election that was held in 2013. To all voters, but particularly to women please be aware that Patrick Harvey is the individual who attacked the females on the council by filing frivolous complaints against them. He displays an aggressively hostile attitude towards any female who has an opinion that differs from his. We need to send him a clear and definitive message that by appearing on the front page of a local magazine holding his wife’s hand does not negate his deplorable behavior; you do not work well with the women the majority elected. Most of us did not know him when he ran the first time, but we know him now and we have had enough.
Harvey applied for a job in Duncanville with our previous City Manager Kent Cagle, who had the good sense not to hire him. Some of the current employees witnessed his bad behavior when he wasn’t hired.
Harvey shamelessly handed out cards promoting himself when candidates for the city boards were interviewed. No one before has ever pandered to a captured audience who came to be interviewed for a board and left with a disgusting, sophomoric display of self promoting propaganda. We don’t consider Harvey a “trade-up” as his propaganda states, we want you traded out!
We have an opportunity to elect an intelligent, gracious and professional man who works well with women and men, Dr. Stephen Jones. He previously served on the Council graciously representing District 2. He was an absolute gentleman to everyone and brought an atmosphere of tolerance even for those he didn’t agree with.
Women and men please join me in voting for Dr. Stephen Jones for Council Member At-Large and “trade out” the hateful Harvey.
– Nancy Bell, Citizen

Duncanville Boards and Commissions….the hoopla has drowned out facts. For Boards and Commissions, the Duncanville City Council voted in February to:

• Remove requirement to be a registered voter for all board and commission members.
• Remove term limits for Keep Duncanville Beautiful members, exclusively.
• Allow selected board members to circumvent policy that board member must live within Duncanville city limits.
• Remove selected board members.
• Transfer selected current board members to another board not of their choice.

The City Council story at Council meetings and other venues is:
• Sent mailer to all citizens to be engaged and serve their city, per Organizational Work Plan.
• Hosted a Boards and Commissions Fair in December.
• Added 5 boards to accommodate all of the engaged citizens who applied to serve on a board or commission.
Full Disclosure: I served on the Library Advisory Board until January 2015. I did not re-apply for my position or any other board position.
– Patricia Ebert, Duncanville