Letters to the Editor

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The citizens of Duncanville are ashamed of the behavior of the men on the City Council for holding a “Public Hearing” this past Saturday. Citizens heard the third party rendition of Greg Contreras as he fantasized about 2012 and 2013 when he was given an opportunity of a lifetime and failed as an Interim City Manager. When a person lies he becomes a liar; when he continues to lie he becomes a coward. Where were all of the “witnesses”? Were the stories coerced or created to achieve the desired result?
The beginning of this assault on a legally elected female City Council Member occurred in December 2013 when the Councilmen broke the City Charter by hiring, non-resident, Interim City Manager Corporation Lynda Humble. The story was created that the overpaid Duncanville employees needed to be protected from a Council person who could neither hire nor fire. The irony is that over 83 employees have left city employment during City Manager Humble’s reign of terror, more departures than any other time in Duncanville’s history. Lynda Humble’s resume speaks for itself when her short tenures are always cloaked in a cloud of ambiguity. Did anyone ever ask the City Manager of Desoto about how the city faired under Lynda Humble and Councilmember Patrick Harvey when they worked in Desoto together? Perhaps Humble has accomplished what she was hired for: depleting Duncanville’s funds and financial reserves, making employees more important than the citizens who pay their salaries, getting rid of the elected officials who did not vote to hire her, and creating an absurd shopping list of expenditures and commitments for the next 10 years. These same Councilmen are allowing her to choose the next City Manager.
We can remove Cliff Boyd, Stan Smith, and Patrick Harvey this May. Word on the street is that Boyd wants to be hired as the new City Manager. That would be a disaster for Duncanville and a conflict of interest. Stan Smith owns no property in Duncanville and cannot hold a job, yet he votes to increase our taxes as a Councilperson and makes decisions about expenditures for other businesses as a member of the Economic Development Board. Why was he ever elected? Patrick Harvey is a career city employee who does not represent taxpayers, but votes always in favor of employees. He has voted for 3 million dollars in expenditures that were not in the budget.
Run these free spending Liars out of office!
– Nancy Bell