Letter to the Editor

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When Councilwoman Jameson resigned from the Council last week, I did not celebrate but was thankful that she sacrificed her interests to the best interest of the City. She spared our city from going through a very divisive and emotionally charged hearing that would have caused bitterness and divided our town for many years, possibly for a generation.
In her defense I would like to make a few points. The attack on Jameson started with a complaint filed by Councilman Harvey that went no where. He alleged a charter violation without alleging any specific incident. Harvey included no relevant evidence in his complaint.
When Harvey’s complaint failed, the majority of the council, this past February, voted to hire an investigator to dig into allegations against Jameson and former Mayor Deborah Hodge. The Council hired Mr. Coggins, a highly respected attorney and former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Texas. City employees were interviewed, statements taken and applicable law reviewed.
The results of this investigation were not made public, even though they were conducted at tax payers expense. Mr. Coggins charged a discounted rate of $495/hr. However, one can conclude that Mr. Coggins found no wrong doing because there were no forth coming charges made against Jameson by Mr. Coggins.
Not able to get a respected attorney to bend to their agenda, the majority of the council hired another attorney, Jeremy Fielding of LTPC. During the time Mr. Fielding is acting on behalf of the majority of the Council, the Council voted to hold a hearing based on allegations that were drafted under him.
Almost immediately after Ms. Jameson resigns, the charges that he had kept confidential were released to the public through a biased web site. Two questions need to be answered:

1) Did Mr. Fielding violate his confidentiality duty to the council and release these without direction. There has been no Council meeting since this has transpired. Or;

2) did some on the Council violate Texas Open Meetings Act and direct the charges to be released outside a properly called city council meeting.

I call on the Council to stop the vendettas. I ask all citizens interested in a fair and just community to communicate to their representatives that we are grieved and want the pettiness to stop.
– Leslie Thomas