Keep an Eye Out for Danger…

by Scott Hansen

Summer vacation… the kids are out of school. The moment they leave the schoolhouse for the last time, they become raging little beasts full of pent up energy, ready to explode, and bring parents to the edge of their sanity until they return to the classroom. It is a time of fun, frivolity and freedom.

It can, however, be a very dangerous time. As a child, I remember being so wrapped up in having fun that I was oblivious to a dangerous situation until it was almost too late. I escaped with only a broken arm, but it illustrates how we must be extra aware of our children when they are playing.

Even older kids and teenagers can experience a moment of poor judgement that can cut a young life short. Such a scenario played out in Grand Prairie last Friday when an 18 year old man was struck by a tractor trailer truck and a car while attempting to cross I-20 on foot. What possessed him and the group of two or three others to attempt to cross a major highway at 5 a.m is beyond me. Whatever the reason, the result was tragic.

Don’t let an avoidable tragedy ruin what should be a time for fun and family. Keep an eye out, be aware, and have a safe and happy summer vacation.