June 18th Public Hearing Addresses Dotson Homestead Eminent Domain

DUNCANVILLE, TX – Duncanville City Council held a Public Hearing on whether or not to allow Dallas County the authority to eminent domain the Dotson homestead at the June 18 Regular Meeting.
Among those in attendance was the homeowner Dr. Dotson. Dr. Dotson stated when he bought his home in 2003 he agreed on a plan that would take property outside his privacy gate. The current plan would take far beyond his privacy gate and bring the roadway less than 20 feet from his front door ruining the privacy and safe front yard that he and his family value.

Dr. Dotson expressed frustration about the misinformation in the Dallas Morning News that reported that he has supported the project all along. Dr. Dotson promises a long legal battle to protect his home. He opined that the real reason may be contained in a news article he read last year suggesting that a gas station and strip mall are intended to be placed on his property.
Dr. Dotson expressed frustration with his Councilman, Mark Cooks, and saying, “He told us he was our advocate. That he would vote “no” on the project. He looked at my wife and me in the face and lied to us.”
Family, neighbors, and concerned citizens emotionally expressed their disapproval of taking Dr. Dotson’s homestead property.
Randy Dotson, brother of Dr. Dotson and Duncanville resident, emotionally appealed to the council citing that not only do him and his brother, Dr. Dotson live in Duncanville, but also his parents. They are all longtime residents. He asked the council not to rob his brother and destroy his home.
Citizens’ comments pointed out that there are no benefits to Duncanville in moving the road. Many expressed that the value of families that have invested their lives in this city and have become a part of the fabric of our community should be treasured.
Local Realtor Linda Lydia cautioned the Council that eminent domain “scares people from your community.”
Speaking in favor of taking the homestead were former Councilmember Grady Smithey and Cindy Jones, President of Duncanville United. Ms. Jones stated that her group, Duncanville United, has studied the project and approves of the eminent domain. Duncanville United is a political action group that endorsed and supported Boyd, Smith and Harvey in the last election, all three of whom support the plan to eminent domain Dr. Dotson’s property.
Councilman Cooks urged that the citizens hold their comments until after they see the County Presentation scheduled for the following Monday, June 24th.
Councilman Boyd moved to close the public hearing while a speaker was approaching the podium. His motion was ruled a violation of Free Speech and out of order by the city attorney.