Is Safety Really an Issue with Wintergreen Road Project?

DUNCANVILLE, TX - The proponents of the Wintergreen Road Project have insisted the project is needed for one main reason; safety. Time and again, they have asserted that the intersection is unsafe, and point to the single fatality accident to ‘prove’ their point. The question which needs to be asked is whether the intersection is to blame for this accident, or is this just another pretense?
The truth of the matter is the intersection is not to blame for the fatal accident of Thursday, February 4, 2010. Here are the facts according to a February 5, 2010 press release from the Duncanville Police Department:
“On Thursday, February 4, Duncanville and Cedar Hill Police Departments responded to a fatal automobile accident in the 1400 block of Duncanville Road in Cedar Hill at approximately 11:40 p.m. The suspect, a 22 year-old black male, was driving a dark blue Chevy Tahoe when he collided with the victim, a 21 year-old white female, who was driving a white Honda Civic. The victim was transported to Charlton Methodist Hospital where she was pronounced dead.
The suspect is currently in custody for evading arrest and detention and is being held in the Duncanville jail pending further charges depending on the outcome of the investigation. He was not injured in the crash and did not appear to be intoxicated at the time of his arrest. However, officers did find an empty beer can outside of his vehicle. As a result, a toxicology report has been ordered to verify whether alcohol was a factor in the collision.
Prior to the collision, a Duncanville police officer stopped the suspect on a routine traffic stop for a defective headlight. As the officer was approaching the suspect’s vehicle, the suspect fled heading South toward the intersection of Wintergreen Road and Duncanville Road.
The officer returned to his patrol car and drove towards where the suspect fled and witnessed both the suspect’s and victim’s car spinning out of control. Both had been heading South on Duncanville Road and collided when the suspect passed another vehicle and hit the victim while she was turning East on Wintergreen Road.”
A fleeing criminal running a stop sign is potentially lethal to innocent drivers regardless of intersection design, and even the proposed project would not change that. We don’t deny there should be improvements made, but the drastic relocation of Wintergreen Road is not necessary, especially when it would forcibly take land from a private citizen.
Don’t be fooled, the cry of ‘safety’ is nothing more than making a mountain out of a molehill. Every effort should be made to reverse the Eminent Domain vote, or tomorrow it could be YOUR land they take from you.