Interim City Manager Runs Rampant

DUNCANVILLE, TX – In December 2013, the Duncanville City Council entered into a contract with Ms. Lynda Humble to be the Interim City Manager for the term of no more than one year. The four-block of City Councilmembers Harvey, Boyd, Smith, Cooks voted to hire Humble. The remaining three Mayor Hodge and Councilmembers Jameson and Jones voted against the hiring.
In less than a month this Interim City Manager has already created controversy. Interim City Secretary Angie Wade was demoted after having served for more than a year as City Secretary. IT Department Manager Paul Preston unexpectedly resigned Christmas Eve citing the treatment of City Manager Humble toward his department.
Humble, without City Council approval, entered into a contract with an employment agency to replace Wade with another interim city secretary. The terms of employment include plum compensation and a four day workweek.
Despite the voters approving a charter amendment that requires that the City Manager live in the City of Duncanville, Humble’s contract allows for her to reside in Rowlett.
Humble’s policy changes caused chaos at the last Council meeting when she, on her own initiative, disregarded the City Charter and the Council’s Rules of Procedure and altered the manner in which the City Council Agenda is compiled.
Humble combined the Briefing Meeting with Regular Meeting into one meeting, and shuffled and eliminated agenda items notably the “Mayors Report” and councilman’s reports.
Ms. Humble is a former DeSoto Assistant City Manager. She left DeSoto employment and moved to Rowlett as the City Manager. Some of the same issues she is facing in Duncanville she battled in Rowlett. She seems to have a very aggressive management style. Ms. Humble has no plans to move to Duncanville. Lynda Humble resigned on July 26, 2013 as Rowlett’s City Manager when she reached agreement during a special council meeting held that day. The City council accepted her resignation effective immediately.
In 2011, Rowlett’s former Mayor Harper was upset with Ms. Humble for cutting positions at the city which would cause 4 people to lose their jobs. WFAA reported that Harper felt there should have been more discussion. As reported on WFAA he stated that, “It’s deeply troubling to me that this Council is accepting the direction of the city manager without adequate dialog and adequate debate”.
Ms. Humble’s contract calls for her to receive $120.00 per hour. As of 2 weeks ago, she had billed the city more than $14,000.00.
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