Hilliard Office Solutions Presents Duncanville HS with 3D Printer

The-Cube-3-3D-Printer-3DUNCANVILLE, TX – Duncanville High School Robotics and Engineering department is gearing up towards incorporating their new 3D printer into the classroom.
On Thursday, October 1st Hilliard Office Solutions will be presenting Duncanville High School as a winner of a Cube 3D printer. The day will include a training session for teachers in the robotics and engineering department on using the 3D Printer as well as utilizing the vast array of on-line resources for classroom curriculum. For questions about the classroom training and media attendance, please contact Duncanville ISD’s Director of External Communications, Lari Barager, at 972 708-2085 or LBarager@duncanvilleisd.org.
Hilliard’s Cubeaway Challenge ran from April 15th, 2015 until June 30th, 2015 and all public and private schools K-12 in our service territory qualified to enter the contest. This challenge was introduced as a way for Hilliard Office Solutions to incorporate 3D printers into schools for hands on learning experience. Schools all across the states of Texas and Oklahoma were eligible for entry. Duncanville High School was a winning school based on their entry and the steps they have taken to bring the best in technology into the classroom.
“Hilliard Office Solutions has always supported the communities we serve. Our focus has been on the businesses in our service area. With the implementation of this program, we are now expanding our focus to the school systems in our service territory by envisioning ways to utilizing Hilliard’s business technology to expand and grow the environment where children learn by making it more interactive. Our schools must have access to Emerging Technologies in order to educate their students about the inspirational use of those technologies. Not to mention, these 3D printers are fun! Can you imagine students in a Biology class actually getting to hold a 3D printed brain?” said Brent Hilliard, President, Hilliard Office Solutions.
Congratulations to Duncanville High School on their win of the Cube 3D printer. We [Hilliard Office Solutions] are excited to bring the best technology into your classrooms and look forward to seeing what creativity will come out of the classroom.