Grit and Guts

Duncanville City Councilmember Johnette Jameson’s resignation this week took courage. To sit in and listen to contrived complaints created to humiliate her takes grit and guts. And to pay high-priced attorneys to fight for a volunteer job takes money and a lot of faith.
According to a twelve-count claim handed down last week, Jameson purportedly had discussions with former Interim City Manager Greg Contreras in an effort to interfere with city manager’s appointment or removals in violation of 2.10 of the Home Rule Charter, and she did so twelve times.
Better said, Jameson has been accused of asking Contreras to do his job. And it is, according to our city attorney and city council, an offense that deserves removal.
In response, Jameson has hired attorneys to sue members of the city council, and in her complaint she accuses them of breaking the law. We believe her account, that members of the city council conspired in secrecy to make decisions out of the public view (which violates the Texas Open Meetings Act), is true.
Jameson maintains that she hasn’t committed the malfeasance to which she’s been accused, but it is our position “so what”.
It all comes down to this – it appears that the men on the council just don’t like women who are smart, capable and have opinions. They call it interfering.
We applaud efforts of interfering elected officials who give direction and want our city to run better. That’s why we elect the people we elect. And in Jameson’s district, they overwhelmingly support her. That can’t be said of the rest of our councilmembers.
So when they can’t beat Jameson at the ballot box, they participate in a disgraceful circus court intended to bully her out of office.
Last week, the attorneys of Lynn, Tillotson, Pinker, & Cox released a press statement, copy of the claims against Jameson, and the rules by which the public hearing will operate. Interestingly the charges from the city council could not be obtained until after Jameson resigned.
Ironic, we think, that they choose to call the event a public hearing as the public is uninvited to give comment, uninvited to ask questions, and is uninvited to hear the deliberations. And it is scheduled for November 22, 2014, the weekend before Thanksgiving.
What’s more, the judge is appointed by the complaining parties and the complaining parties are the jury. It’s a three-ring spectacle with clowns dressed up like councilmembers and lions dressed up like lawyers. But instead of using gavels, the judge uses high-priced attorneys as whips – which of course, we the taxpayers will bear the cost!
We encourage you to participate, clown shoes, clown nose and all. Come one, come all to the greatest show of all on November 22, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. at the Tom & Vera Shine Auditorium at Duncanville High School.