“Good Luck, Dr. Ray!”

by Becky Hall

On July 1st, Duncanville ISD will start a new school year with an interim Superintendent.
Last year, after the STAAR assessment scores were announced, I wrote a long piece about how the scores affected our school district. After the report came out I received a surprise visit from Dr. Alfred Ray (it really was not a surprise, I knew I would get a visit). We had a long discussion about my article. During the discussion I told him that I thought it was time for new leadership in the district. Of course, he disagreed, but we did find some mutual ground.
The mutual ground was that we had worked with each other in a different district. In 1989, I moved to Baytown, Texas. Since my son was two and very attached to me, my pediatrician let me know that if I did not do something, I would be going to school with my son in a few years. I really did not want to attend kindergarten again so I decided to go back to work. The school year had started, but GCCISD had one opening, a long term substitute position. I was hired to teach health to all the junior varsity and varsity football players. What an experience that was! After talking to Dr. Ray, I realized that he was my assistant principal who helped me when a huge fight broke out in my classroom. We also realized that we had a mutual mentor, Dr. Jerry Roy, and many other mutual friends from back “home”.
Our friendship grew, and we started having great discussions about Duncanville ISD. Even though we still disagreed on certain subjects, our respect grew for each other. I appreciated his honesty and his true concern for the students in Duncanville ISD. Regardless of the situation that arose, he was there to listen and to find a solution.
As the school year begins, he will have a new position – Chief Special Projects Officer. I am sure that we will have discussions about “green” schools, etc. very soon! (Just a fair warning Dr. Ray)
Dr. Ray, I want you to know that I sincerely appreciate your efforts during your tenure as Superintendent. Good luck in your new position!