Glorias Dixon – A Dallas CASA Volunteer Advocating for Abused Children

GloriasDixonDALLAS, TX – Through three years in protective care, 17-year-old Monet has lived in 12 different foster placements. She’s attended 12 different schools, had 12 different teachers and made 12 different sets of friends.
Through all the change, Monet has had one constant – her Dallas CASA volunteer Glorias Dixon.
“Children can be resilient. They can survive if they know someone will be there,” Glorias said. “I have learned that their schools will change, their foster homes will change, their lawyers will change, but CASA will always be there for them.”
Dallas CASA volunteers are appointed by the court and provide critical information that can help judges decide where an abused or neglected child can safely and permanently live. For many abused children, a CASA volunteer is the only constant during a frightening, uncertain time. Volunteer advocates complete 30 hours of training in addition to observing court proceedings before they are sworn in by a judge as a court-appointed official.
Glorias attends court hearings related to Monet’s case, she keeps track of Monet’s needs as she moves from placement to placement and she visits her at least monthly.
“I told her – and I was very serious – that as much as we’ve been through together I really love her,” Glorias said. “She’s a teenager, which is hard enough, but she’s a teenager with many family issues that complicate her life. Hopefully one day she will realize her potential. Until that day, I think we’re stuck with each other!”
A South Dallas resident, mother, grandmother and retiree from Dallas ISD, Glorias started her role as a volunteer advocate in 2012. Once her first case ended, she knew she was hooked on the personal connection Dallas CASA allows. Glorias says being a volunteer advocate has changed her for the good, and she encourages everyone she knows to get involved.
“All children need an advocate, especially children in foster care who already feel abandoned,” she said “They need someone to be their voice when they feel no one is listening and they need someone to be a constant presence in their lives.”
In 2015, 921 Dallas CASA volunteers advocated for 2,680 abused and neglected children in Dallas. Unfortunately, two out of five abused children in Dallas were left waiting for a volunteer advocate. Dallas CASA’s goal is to provide an advocate for every child in need.
For more information, visit or call 214-827-8961.