Giddings, “Students Deserve Experienced and Certified Teachers

AUSTIN, TX – Representative Helen Giddings filed HB 1373 last week. This bill would require school districts with a student enrollment of 5,000 or more to prohibit a student in first through sixth grades from being assigned to a teacher who lacks required certification, for two consecutive years.
Giddings stated, “When a student is assigned to a new teacher or to a teacher that is not certified in their field for two consecutive years, the student is handicapped.” She went on to say that “research shows that certified teachers were consistently more effective when they teach in their subject area of certification.”
While HB 1373 speaks to the instructional educational quality during a child’s most delicate developmental years, the bill also made certain that only core discipline teachers are addressed and that rural and smaller school districts were protected from any undue burden of the bill. As the bill states, “it provides that the TEA Commissioner can waive these requirements of HB1373 if the Commissioner finds that ‘extreme circumstances’ in the district warrant the waiver; and also permits the Commissioner to adopt rules to implement the granting of a waiver.” Therefore leaving local control to the districts where it is deemed necessary.
“While research has shown that teachers’ quality and experience improves over time, we want to be mindful of the teaching issues facing Texas, but also that HB 1373 has been filed to give our children opportunity for a better educational foundation,” said Giddings.
Representative Giddings represents various counties in her district including Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Lancaster, Glenn Heights, Hutchins, Wilmer as well as sections of Dallas and Duncanville.