“Fireworks Return…Corrected”

We received wonderful news yesterday in the mail! It was announced in the Spotlight (a City of Duncanville publication) that the July 4th fireworks are back. The Suburban Newspaper also received a press release from the City of Duncanville concerning this event!

Festivities will begin with a parade starting at 9 am. At 6 pm, attendees will be able to enjoy live music, food from local vendors, bounce houses and close with the traditional Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza at Armstrong Park!!!!

I am so excited to once again to be able to once again enjoy this celebration in my home town. In May 2015 I wrote an editorial concerning this issue. I stated at the time “ I was pleased to learn that the city has not abandoned the issue, rather has been hard at work to find a solution that works for everyone. The main concern is the safety of the people who come to the park to see the show, as well as the surrounding businesses. The discussions included adding a larger police presence, controlling admission to the show, charging admission to the show and even changing location. None of these proposed solutions was acceptable, as each had a significant problem”.

It seems to be that they did consider all their options and this year it will be back. Admission will be FREE and open to the public, but they will be requiring wristbands for entry to the evening festivities. I am sure this is a way to control overcrowding and etc.

To the city council, city manager, and Duncanville Police Department thank you for considering the options and finding a way to bring this tradition back to Duncanville!