Farewell to Fire Chief Giordano

DUNCANVILLE, TX – David Giordano, Fire Chief at the City of Duncanville, retired on May 31, 2013. Giordano served as Fire Chief for the city since June 2, 2008.
Early in his career with the City, Giordano faced difficult decisions concerning budget cuts for the Department during one of the most economic downturns in history, but managed to provide a professional level of service to the citizens of Duncanville despite the economic climate.
During his tenure with the City, he was instrumental in making decisions to make the Regional concept of dispatch and Fire Department response more efficient. He helped improve the Dallas County Mutual Aid fire response system and the Dallas Automatic Aid to provide the resources for emergency situations in Duncanville including hazardous materials, fire response, EMS and rescue.
Giordano also led the City in its further development of Emergency Management. He systematically provided information to City Official’s concerning our Community Alert Warning System and the need for updating or replacing the system to meet public safety. He provided required training to the leaders of the City to maintain a working knowledge and procedures of state and federal guidelines.
Chief Giordano is extremely proud of the Duncanville Fire Department and worked hard to provide the best customer service to the citizens of Duncanville. He will be greatly missed. The City of Duncanville wishes him the best in his well-deserved retirement.
For more information about the City of Duncanville’s Fire Department visit www.duncanville.com/fire.