Editorial – Duncanville Student Schoools Teacher

Jeff Bliss is a former high school dropout who got the message. Education is critical to success. He re-entered school as a 17-year-old sophomore, eager to complete his high school education and move on with his life.

Evidently, Jeff Bliss is now paying closer attention to how classes are taught at Duncanville High. Instead of coasting through class, focusing on what is required to pass the STAAR tests that will allow him to graduate, Jeff Bliss decided he wanted to actually learn something.

By now, almost everyone who has any interest at all has seen his video. If you haven’t, we will provide a link so you can see it, too.

No doubt, Bliss has a little problem with authority. No doubt, any teacher would probably find him challenging, at least. But that doesn’t mean he’s wrong.

I have relatives (including a son) who are teachers, from Kindergarten through High School. All will tell you the toughest part of their job is maintaining the students’ interest in a subject throughout a long school year. It is the source of teachers’ frustration, getting locked into a system that relies on their students passing some statewide test that may or may not mean the students have learned the skill of critical thinking. That does not mean the teacher should stop trying.

We hope Jeff Bliss has gotten his message across to the teachers, and we also hope he no longer feels the necessity of interrupting other classes to accomplish his educational goals. It would be a shame if his progress was sidetracked by a single incident.

To view the video:  http://www.myfoxdfw.com/story/22201163/duncanville-students-teacher-rant-goes-viral