Duncanville City Updates

Police Department

Fire The June monthly report concerning use of force incidents, vehicle pursuits, complaints filed against officers, and police community engagements is attached. Several Duncanville police officers executed two no-knock search warrants on June 20. The execution of the warrants resulted in the seizure of several pounds of methamphetamines, some marijuana and hydrocodone, counterfeit bills, $4,345.00 in US currency, 5 guns, 2 stolen trucks, and 1 stolen motorcycle. Six people were arrested and there are several pending charges against them. Sergeant M. Stogner, Sergeant C. Freis, Sergeant R. McCarty, Officer J. Emmett, Officer D. Williams, Lieutenant C. McCaleb, Officer J. Etessam, Officer B. Shipman, Officer A. Paczocha, Lieutenant S. Estell, and Sergeant N. Roach participated. Thanks to CID Detectives B. Pudgurney, C. Berger, D. Richbourg, J. Pollock and D. Moon (pictured below with Chief Brown)!

tableDuncanville Sales Tax Collection

Sales Tax Collections – Sales tax collections for April continue to show strong improvement over the same period last year. The April collection amount was significantly higher due in part to a $119,000 future period collection, but even excluding that amount, we would still show an increase of 11% over the same month last year.

Duncanville Fire Department

Fire Department – The Department has not had any major fire or EMS incidents in Duncanville this week. The employee interview panel interviewed six candidates this week to fill our remaining two vacancies. We are looking at some options under Civil Service law that would allow us to “pre-hire” a firefighter candidate when we know we will have an imminent vacancy due to retirement or resignation. Since the hiring and training process is so long, we believe this can help us maintain our staffing when we have good candidates through a current hiring process, and not have to wait until the vacancy occurs to begin a hiring cycle. The four firefighters who completed Anatomy & Physiology will start Paramedic School on Monday July 17. They have been in training this week with EMS Chief Mike Ryan who has been working with them on paramedic skills to prepare them for the school.


Duncanville Construction Update

The FY16 Forest Hills Installment 13 Alley Reconstruction project between Madrid and San Juan (from Madrid to S. Cockrell Hill) has been completed. The asphalt alley was replaced with reinforced concrete pavement, drainage improvements were performed, and the drive approaches at Madrid and Cockrell Hill Road were replaced with ADA-compliant approaches. This subdivision was built approximately 44 years ago.  The Red Bird Lane-Duncanville Road Traffic Signal project is scheduled to begin in mid-August.  Construction of the addition to the Crossroads of Life parking lot has been completed to allow for additional Fieldhouse parking. We are awaiting the final pay estimate from the contractor.  The Summit Ground Storage Water Tank project has been completed. The work included renovations and the painting of the interior and exterior of the tank. We are awaiting the final pay estimate from the contractor