Duncanville Moves Forward on I-20 Service Road Project

IH20_01by Scott Hansen

DUNCANVILLE, TX – On December 1, 2015, the Duncanville City Council passed Resolution 2015-120116, beginning the process of building service roads along a stretch of I-20 running from North Main Street to Camp Wisdom Road. The resolution calls for the public meetings needed to move the project forward.
“The unanimous vote of the city council shows the commitment of the council to, and underscores the value of the project to the city,” said City Manager Kevin Hugman.
The first resolution, 2015-111715, was passed on November 17, 2015 with a 6-1 vote. It states there is a ‘regional plan for continuous frontage roads on IH-20 in Southern Dallas County,’ and set out to determine the scope of the project. The dissenting vote was from District 5, who would be most affected by the project.
In the past, Duncanville’s District 5 has opposed the building of service roads because they feared a disruption of their neighborhood. After the first resolution, Councilwoman Johnette Jameson, the District 5 representative, voiced concerns with the wording of the resolution. An amended resolution was drafted to work out the wording that would satisfy all parties. This second resolution that modified the wording to clarify the intended scope of the project.
The wording of the Section 1 paragraph originally read ‘… determine the scope of eastbound and/or westbound IH-20 frontage roads from North Main Street to Camp Wisdom Road to allow the accelerated construction of the eastbound frontage road.” The December 1st resolution was changed to read ‘…to move forward with the FHWA required environmental assessment of the eastbound and westbound IH-20 frontage roads from North Main to Camp Wisdom Road to allow the accelerated construction of the eastbound frontage road.”
The amended resolution passed at the December 1st council meeting with a unanimous 7-0 vote. Councilwoman Jameson thanked everyone involved in making the desired changes during the same meeting.
“I am glad to see the City Council vote unanimously to move forward on the I-20 service road project from Main east to Camp Wisdom,” said Grady Smithey, long time proponent for the project. “In the 22 years I represented District 4 on the City Council, I did not have a single complaint on the US-67 service roads. Frankly, I never understood how anyone could object to that project which does not require the taking of even one single house, includes sound walls and keeps traffic out of the adjacent neighborhoods.”
Resolution No. 2015-120116 supports the Federal Highway Administration and Texas Department of Transportation’s process for conducting public hearings. There is currently $5 million in funding for the project. Designs for both the north and south sides of I-20 are required to drawn up at the same time, but only the funds to build the southern portion are currently available, leaving the northern portion for a later date.
There are no plans to build service roads west of Main Street now or in the future.