Duncanville City Council Approves Tax / Water Increases

DUNCANVILLE, TX – Duncanville City Council approved the 2013-14 budget with a 2 cent raise in property taxes and a 10% raise in water rates. Bonus payouts to the city employees amounting to $300,000 will consume the amount brought in by the 2 cent property tax hike. The Interim City Manager will decide how the money is going to be divided. Mayor Hodge and Councilmembers Jameson and Jones opposed the retention pay.
After hundreds of hours of budget meetings and council workshops, Finance Director Richard Summerlin presented a balanced budget and noted that the sales taxes were up for the 2nd year in a row, that the property taxes had finally rose after years of decline, and that the city would be debt free in 2015.
Councilman Harvey shocked the council with a vastly changed budget from Summerlin’s handing it out during the council meeting. Mayor Hodge objected to Harvey’s changes stating that it was a lot of information thrown at the council all in one motion noting that typically these types of changes were done in the workshops. Harvey’s budget removed many items and added a new warning siren system that was supported by Councilman Boyd. Harvey is the Finance Director at Seagoville.
Twice he has unsuccessfully applied to be the Duncanville finance director during the Cagle administration.
The rest of the city council ended up restoring many of Harvey’s deletions including funding a library security guard and Councilwoman Jameson’s proposal of creating a park ranger position.
Mayor Hodge led the council to restore overtime for the fire department to ensure that the minimum 4 firefighters are available to fight structure fires and to fill the 2 vacant police positions.