Dumping an Issue in Duncanville’s River Oaks Addition

IMG_0363 IMG_0364 IMG_0365by Scott Hansen

DUNCANVILLE, TX – The 1800 block of Meadow Crest has become a dumping ground for discarded trash, old tires and other debris, much to the chagrin of Duncanville’s River Oaks residents.
Law-abiding citizens should not be forced to live in filthy conditions because of a few inconsiderate slobs. River Oaks residents are reaching out to the cities of Cedar Hill and Duncanville to catch and punish these illegal dumpers.
Texas state law prohibits the dumping of refuse on roadsides, and if caught, violators can incur fines of up $1000, and depending on how much refuse is involved, can be charged with a felony.

Texas Health & Safety Code Chap 365
Litter Abatement Act

From Section 365.012
(a) A person commits an offense if the person disposes or allows or permits the disposal of litter or other solid waste at a place that is not an approved solid waste site, including a place on or within 300 feet of a public highway, on a right-of-way, on other public or private property, or into inland or coastal water of the state.

(Source: Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center at tidrc.com)