Dog Theft Ring Strikes North Texas

rockyDUNCANVILLE, TX – North Texas residents, especially dog owners, need to be aware of a large, well-organized dog theft ring operating in the area.  Over the past several months, a growing number of people have had their pets stolen from their back yards by a group of thieves who operate under cover of darkness.
According to reports from people affected by the thefts, persons operating the ring drive through alleys during the day, looking for dogs visible through chain link fences.  They note addresses and the times the dogs are out, as well as the times the owners leave and return to the homes.  The thieves return  later to steal the animals, leaving the fence gates open to make it appear that the dogs have just wandered away and gotten lost.
Smaller dogs such as shih-tzus and terriers are especially at risk, as the thieves often use them  as bait in dogfighting operations.  All breeds have been used for illicit breeding operations, as well.
The best way to protect a dog is to have the animal microchipped and the chip recorded at a veterinarian’s office.  If the dog is later found or is taken to a vet for treatment of any kind, he or she will be checked for a chip, which carries  information on the dog’s owner and will lead to the animal’s return.  Animal shelters also check for microchips on incoming animals.
Further information is available from any area veterinarian’s office or from the Tri-City Animal Shelter in Cedar Hill.  In addition, Gloria Sadler, a Duncanville resident whose dog was stolen recently, is willing to answer questions dog owners may have regarding this issue.  She may be contacted at