desoto magnetDESOTO, TX — DeSoto ISD encourages all parents and students in DeSoto ISD, surrounding ISDs, charters, privates and homeschool to come explore what DeSoto ISD can offer you at the DeSoto ISD Magnet Showcase on Saturday, January 30 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at DeSoto High School, 600 Eagle Drive. This event will include all 15 magnet and innovative programs in DeSoto ISD that students can apply to attend.

What are the DeSoto ISD Magnet and Innovative Programs?
It’s what every parent wants – a learning experience that engages their child,
supports his or her interests and opens pathways to success. DeSoto Independent School District is fulfilling that wish with exciting programs that are transforming the classroom experience as we know it. Simply put, we are giving students and their
parents the power of choice. It is the power to choose courses of study based on
personal interests and passions. It is the power to take ownership in the education
experience. And it is the power that comes with being engaged in learning and
excited about the future.

In addition, the district has packaged the day with two other events – the 8th Grade EXPO and Parent Porch.

“We have bundled the three events together to reduce the number of events we are asking our parents and students to attend, we want to be good stewards of our customers’ time,” stated Dr. Joann Rucker, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction. “It’s more of a one-stop event now with parents and students learning about the 15 innovative and magnet programs in the district plus parents attending sessions geared specifically toward being involved in their child’s education at every age and then hearing from national renown speaker Manuel Scott, one of the original Freedom Writers. Scott’s unique message is one that will inspire, educate and empower individual’s to make the most of their life. Childcare for younger children will available during the parent session and guest speaker. Parents and students who attend the guest speaker portion of the day are invited to stay for a complimentary lunch.

In addition, all DeSoto ISD 8th grade students are invited to attend the special 8th Grade EXPO. This unique event for 8th graders from all three middle schools encourages students to learn about DeSoto High School curriculum and programs as well as clubs and extra-curriculum activities. Students also participate in teambuilding exercises and hear from guest speakers about becoming one unified student body. Eighth grade parents are invited to attend the Parent Porch and Showcase while their child is at the EXPO.

“We offer now every major program of choice for students today including STEM, fine arts, medical fields, law and criminal justice, college degree programs, leadership academies, technology and multiple languages!” stated Superintendent David Harris. “We know students learn at their optimum when they are engaged in what they are passionate about. We are building capacity for every student to succeed in the field of their dreams – and giving them the resources to succeed in college and the workplace.”

DeSoto ISD also offers traditional dual credit and advanced placement courses as well as over a dozen industry certifications.

As a selective enrollment district, students from outside the district boundaries are eligible to request enrollment. If they met academic, discipline and attendance criteria and space is available (DeSoto ISD students are first priority), they can be granted enrollment. Selective enrollment students are held to strict guidelines for grades, discipline and attendance and can have their enrollment revoked if these guidelines are not met. Selective enrollment for the fall shall be submitted by March 21, 2016.

Applications are online now for all magnet academies, CMP, ECHS and IB programs.
The application window closes Friday, February 5. Applicants will then be screened and interviews set up for later in February. Selection notifications will be sent before spring break. iSTEAM3D interest forms will be online in February with the lottery taking place February 26.

DeSoto ISD Background Information
Building the District of Choice

DeSoto ISD developed a plan to build programs for all student interests in 2012 – starting with the extremely competitive Collegiate Magnet Program which allows students to earn up to 60 college hours while still in high school through an agreement with Cedar Valley Community College. CMP is for those students self-motivated and accelerating through traditional high school. The students, while still enrolled in high school, take classes both at DHS and CVCC towards their Associate’s Degree. Students are treated much more like traditional college students.

Next came the Early College High School, geared toward 1st generation college goers. Through this program, students can also earn an Associate’s Degree, however students are guided and provided with additional support resources to succeed.

The district expects the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program to be fully accredited in early 2016. Simultaneously, we are seeking candidacy for the middle years and primary years programs – at West Middle School and Cockrell Hill Elementary, respectively. Both programs could gain accreditation and come online as soon as fall 2016. The IB Diploma Program (DP) is a world- renowned, academically challenging, integrated instructional program that will make our students well-prepared for the academic challenge that college requires in the 21st century. The IB courses are for juniors and seniors. The “integration” of the academic, emotional, social and aesthetic needs of the students that the program offers is the reason our students will benefit most from this venture. Having an IB Diploma program will “raise the bar” instructionally for the entire campus.

In 2012-13, the district began building middle school programs to feed the new high school acceleration programs. First was iSTEAM3D Magnet Academies – created at all three middle schools. This program provides instruction in a collaborative, cross-subject manner focusing on hands-on project- and problem-based learning. ISTEAM stands for Innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math: Discovering, Designing and Developing with the Arts in Mind.

Next came specialized magnet programs at the middle school and elementary level intended to drive achievement through student interests and modeled in part by the new House Bill 5 graduation endorsements created by the Texas Legislation. In addition, the district focused efforts on early childhood – building a solid foundation – by creating an early childhood academy at one school. By the fall of 2016, we will have all six elementary magnet academies fully operational, joining the three new middle school magnet programs.

Grades PreK-5
Amber Terrace Discovery & Design Early Childhood Academy (ATDDECA)
18 mos. to age 4 (Pre-school and PreK)
Building a safe and compassionate community of lifelong learners who are inspired to become respectful, responsible, cooperative, innovative, independent thinkers and problem solvers is of the utmost importance to the staff at Amber Terrace Discovery & Design Early Childhood Academy. In addition, high expectations for our students from the whole village will yield high academic and social transformation for these learners. STEM-based curriculum beginning at 18 months with Investigators Club, students practice the six pillars of character and explore multi-lingual studies by learning in both English and Spanish.

Northside Business & Law Magnet Academy – Gr. 3-5
Northside Elementary, the Business & Law Magnet Academy will offer students the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship through incorporating various elements of business into classroom curriculum. Students will experience business operations from employee, accounting (bookkeeping), as well as managerial levels. Students will advance to middle school with a thorough understanding of business operations and terminology motivating them to continue personal business endeavors in the future. The Business & Law Magnet will prepare students to compete academically in global markets and a 21st Century economy.

Ruby Young Medical & Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy – Gr. 3-5
The Ruby Young Medical & Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy gives students the opportunity to study different forms of clean energy (solar, wind, hydro), soil and insects that play a vital role in the life cycle of plants, and the habitat and nutrition of small animals. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the garden club where they will learn the process of planting, pruning and harvesting various crops and plant life.

Woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy – Gr. K-5
The Woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy gives students a chance to experience an array of artistic programs. The study of the arts can significantly boost student achievement, behavior and prepare students for college and careers. Students will have the opportunity to participate in art, piano, strings, dance, and theatre arts.

Cockrell Hill Linguistics Magnet Academy – Gr. K-5
As the Cockrell Hill Linguistics Magnet Academy, students will acquire an understanding of the world’s people, places, and problems. Our students will learn to become knowledgeable and active citizens of our global society. Studying various languages can also improve overall school performance, higher problem-solving skills, and increased scores on standardized tests.

The Meadows STEAM Magnet Academy – Gr. 1-5
We would love to welcome you to The Meadows Elementary, A Five-Star Educational Experience. For the upcoming school year, The Meadows Elementary will offer STEAM allowing our Five-Star students to choose their educational track. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students will also participate in hands-on learning activities through project based learning. Learning will be student-led and facilitated by highly qualified educators.

Frank D. Moates Digital Arts & Technology Magnet Academy – Gr. 3-5
At Frank D. Moates Digital Arts and Technology Magnet Academy students will be provided with multiple opportunities to develop and advance in technology and the digital arts while engaging in academically challenging coursework. We will prepare our graduates for the rigor of secondary education and for success in a tech-savvy, global economy.

Grades 6-8
West MS International Male Leadership Magnet Academy – Gr. 6-8
In addition to the standard middle school curriculum, the West MS International Male Leadership Academy will incorporate a weekly character, civic, and leadership learning component. Additionally, nontraditional sports, i.e. lacrosse, will be offered. Each classroom will be a place that where education is directed to the unique learning styles of boys. In addition, we will provide a culture where competition in academics is a natural fit and it is cool for boys to study. As a result, the teaching staff will be highly trained in research based strategies that benefit young males; consequently, our students will be more academically successful and motivated to be life-long learners. You can expect highly visible male role models, mentoring, extracurricular activities (including band, art, music, athletics, choir, etc.) and higher education, corporate, civic, and community partnerships. Parents will play a defining role as they will be required to volunteer each semester.

East MS Medical Magnet Academy – Gr. 6-8
The East MS Medical Magnet Academy program offers a rigorous curriculum that focuses on the medical concepts and prepares students for a wide range of careers in the healthcare field. Students in the program will work closely with faculty members and community partners including surgeons, professors, hospital personnel and other professionals to create an environment supportive of creative and independent academic exploration with real-world relevance.

McCowan MS Fine Arts Magnet Academy – Gr. 6-8
The McCowan MS Fine Arts Magnet Academy will provide an inspiring and robust program for students who are pursuing an accelerated arts curriculum as fine arts majors. We will focus on a TEKS driven, state standards focused curriculum and is supported by the Texas Education Agency guidelines for college readiness in fine arts and the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts. The program will offer its students both meaningful and enriching opportunities in the areas of visual arts, dance, band, orchestra, choral music, drama, and piano. Additionally, the middle school program serves as a continuum from Woodridge Fine Arts Elementary and as a feeder for DeSoto High School fine arts program.

DeSoto ISD Vertical Alignment Examples:

T-STEM Pathway
ATDDECA PreK STEMspiration (Awareness Phase)
The Meadows ES iSTEAM (Exploration)
iSTEAM3D at all three middle schools (Exposure)
DHS STEM: STEM Endorsement (Engagement)

Fine Arts Pathway
Woodridge ES Fine Arts Magnet Academy
McCowan MS Fine Arts Magnet Academy
DHS Fine Arts: Arts and Humanities Endorsement

Medical Pathway
Ruby Young ES Medical and Environmental Sciences Magnet Academy
East MS Medical Magnet Academy
DHS Health Science: Public Services Endorsement OR
DHS Science: STEM Endorsement

Business Pathway (Male)
Northside ES Business & Law Magnet Academy
West MS International Male Leadership Magnet Academy
DHS Business Mgmt. and Admin: Business and Industry Endorsement