DeSoto ISD Extends School Days

DESOTO, TX — After the two early missed instruction days in December due to weather and icy road conditions (Dec. 6 and 9), DeSoto ISD has been working to balance instruction and the district calendar to meet the needs of all students, staff and families.
In an effort to provide additional instruction in a timely manner, the DeSoto ISD Board approved the recommendation on January 13 to extend the school day by 30 minutes beginning Monday, February 3 through Friday, March 7 for a total of 24 instructional days (Monday, Feb. 17 is a Professional Development Day). We will return to regular hours on Monday, March 17 after Spring Break (March 10-14).
“We feel that providing an extra 30 minutes each day – 150 minutes a week – will best serve our students then scheduling days that may conflict with activities, family vacations or events already scheduled,” said Superintendent David Harris. “Combined with current accelerated instruction and interventions, we feel confident that all students’ instructional needs will be met in a timely fashion by our professional and caring staff.”
District staff have already been working with Dallas County Schools to accommodate the revised times for release. The Communications Department will be notifying parents over the next week of the change and campus administration will be altering school bell schedules to add in the additional 30 minutes.
After-school programs and activities, including ACE, tutoring, detention, clubs and organizations will start 30 minutes late but still release at the current scheduled times.
District staff will also be required to make-up missed time by working extended work days, Saturdays and attending after-hour meetings. Campus principals and department heads will work with employees to document make-up time.

(from Feb. 3 thru March 7)

Elementaries 8:00 am 3:45 pm
Middle Schools 8:00 am 4:15 pm
Freshman / DHS 7:30 am 3:24 pm
DAEP 8:00 am 3:20 pm